How To Deal With An Unplanned Pregnancy


Unplanned pregnancy, is very stressful especially if it was unintentionally and not ready to become a mother.

Many women undergo  similar situations at some point in their life but they do overcome it at some point. So you are not alone. certified womens wellness centers like Choices Womens Clinic in Johannesburg and other NGO’s are easily accessible and offer advice and several options on how to deal with such situations.

Worried Patient with Pregnancy Test

Unplanned Pregnancy is very stressful because you will be very emotional but no matter what you decide to do, we advise not to rush into any decision making because there are a number of steps you can take to get help although it is ultimately your decision at the end of the day.

Most women who find themselves pregnant unintentionally, always have these three options running through their mind and these are either Abortion, Adoption or Parenting.

Most women who find themselves pregnant have the following options:

  • Abortion. Undergoing a medical procedure to terminate the pregnancy
  • Alternative care or adoption. Giving birth and letting other families raise your child permanently.
  • Parenting. Giving birth and raising the child.

Steps on How to cope with an unwanted pregnancy

The following tips can help you make a healthy decision if you have an unwanted pregnancy:

  • Find non-judgmental support. People have different opinions when it comes to unwanted pregnancies. It’s crucial that you find a support group or friend that can offer confidential, non-judgemental support or advice.
  • Accept that you are in shock. Give yourself time to accept your situation. It is normal to be in shock after finding out that you’re pregnant, especially when it’s unplanned.
  • Face your fears. Fear is common during pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned. Remember that nobody has the right to scare or shame you into a decision. Take time to collect your thoughts, then decide for yourself.
  • Allow yourself to be emotional. Experiencing an unwanted pregnancy isn’t easy. It’s important to take time to experience your emotions instead of bottling them up. Consider writing your thoughts and feelings down for later reference. Doing this will help you make the best decision for your unique personal situation.
  • Visualize your options. There are a variety of options that may help you handle your situation. It might help you to visualize each option and decide how you feel about it. Consider reaching out to trained professionals or close friends if you get overwhelmed.
  • Think beyond finances. When it comes to raising children, your main consideration might be money. Although money is a key consideration, you should also factor in your emotional readiness and living situation before making a decision.

Having An Abortion

There are two main abortion options available:

  • Abortion pill
  • Surgical abortion

Medical Abortion

Abortion Pills

ome women prefer using a pill to terminate their unwanted pregnancy.

You might have to consider pills if:

  • You are in the early stages of pregnancy (earlier than ten weeks)
  • You want to terminate your pregnancy at home
  • You want a less invasive procedure

Abortion pills affect each body differently. You might need advice from general practitioners about the best option and the expected side effects.

Surgical Abortion


here are two types of surgical abortion:

Dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion. Viable up to the 15th week of pregnancy

Vacuum aspiration abortion. Viable up to the 24th week of pregnancy.

These procedures are performed in abortion clinics. During these procedures, your cervix is first numbed. After that, a tube connected to suction is inserted. The tube sucks out the contents of the uterus. The procedure takes less than an hour to finish.

Where Can You Have A Safe Abortion Done?

If you’re struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, or have made the decision to terminate, let our caring and supportive staff help you. Remember, all our services are completely confidential and judgement-free, so you can feel safe and comfortable at Choices Womens Health Clinic Johannesburg offers affordable safe legal abortions to all women aged 18yrs and above and are not willing to continue with the pregnancy.

Like we mentioned above the two different types of abortion procedures, the right safe abortion procedure will depend on your affordability and  how many weeks the pregnancy is. Remember the less weeks you are the less you will have to pay. So avoiding terminating late term pregnancies to avoid any future complications.

Whatever your decision, our abortion clinic offers judgment-free information about what abortion options are available to you. Call our center on 073 146 7822 for help or to make a booking. You can also book an appointment online.


If you are thinking of opting for adoption, then you should know there are two main types of adoption processes.

Closed adoption. You do not have access to the contact information of the family that adopts your child. Your child can have access to your contact information when they turn 18.

Open adoption. Communication between you and your child is kept open. You can contact your child through calls, visits, or letters.

It’s important to find a reputable adoption agency that will ensure your baby gets the best available care. You might consider asking a social worker or your adoption lawyer for a referral.

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If you do not want to be a parent but you don’t want an abortion, you can choose to give birth and let someone else raise your child. This is known as adoption, and you choose to have an open adoption (biological parents and adoptive parents know each other’s identities) or a closed one. Women choose adoption because they care about themselves and their families/future families, and don’t want an unwanted pregnancy to upend their lives.

If you are considering this route, you need to find out as much about adoption as possible so you can make an informed decision. It is a permanent, legal agreement in which you agree to place your child in the care of another person or family. You will not be able to have your child back at a later time


After all the emotions and seeking advice from different sources and made u a decision that you will continue with the pregnancy, Then its where parenting comes in
Parenting, is the process the process of raising children and providing them with protection and care in order to ensure their healthy development into adulthood. Related Topics: child development parent.

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