How To Properly Prepare For Abortion Procedure

This includes taking necessary precautions to maintain a sterile environment during and after the abortion procedure, as well as offering follow-up care to ensure that everything is healing properly. Your health and well-being are of the utmost importance and it is crucial to take every step necessary to ensure that you recover safely and with as little discomfort as possible. Trusting a knowledgeable and compassionate healthcare provider will give you the peace of mind you need during this time.



Proper counseling can provide these women with the resources they need to make the best decision for themselves and their future, and also help them address any underlying emotional issues that may have contributed to their decision to have an abortion. By providing compassionate assistance and support, we can help women overcome the trauma of abortion and move toward healing and renewal.


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The best abortion option will depend on how many weeks have passed since the first day of your last menstrual period. An ultrasound examination of pregnancy can show that you have a healthy pregnancy, that your pregnancy is growing in the right position of the womb.

On this page you’ll find detailed information on the different abortion procedures, advantages and disadvantages of each procedure, cost of abortion and more. If you have additional questions, Just Whatsapp us. 

Medical Abortion Procedure


The medical abortion option also referred as induced abortion is suitable option for women less than 12 weeks and is achieved by swallowing 2 types of abortion tablets.  

Mifepristone is an anti-hormone drug which acts by blocking the effects of progesterone – the hormone needed for a pregnancy to continue.

Misoprostol is taken 24 hrs later buccally or vaginally and it is meant to dilate the cervix and assists the uterus to expel the pregnancy.

Who qualifies for a medical abortion?

  • Women afraid of needles, this is the best abortion procedure because it requires no anaesthetic.
  • Medical abortions are more affordable compared to surgical procedures.
  • Medication abortion is suitable for women who do not have easy access to a safe abortion clinic due to transport of the services not not available in their area.
  • A medical termination of pregnancy is suitable for women who are less than 12 weeks of pregnancy and need immediate access to a quick safe abortion procedure.

Risks of Medical abortions

It is important to note that like any other medical procedure, medication abortion carries some risks that are not very common but worth considering and these include:-

  • Digestive system discomfort
  • Heavy bleeding with clots
  • There is a high Possibility of Infection during recovery.
  • Medical abortions sometimes tend to be unsuccessful when given a les dose of tablets.

Surgical Abortion Procedure


In-clinic procedures also known as Surgical abortions are procedures carried on the clinic premises under conscious sedation with the help of a local anaesthetic for optimal comfort.  

There are basically 2 types of surgical abortions depending on the duration of the pregnancy.

Who qualifies for a surgical abortion?

  • Surgical procedures can be performed late into the pregnancy.
  • It can be performed under conscious sedation, which reduces awareness and pain.
  • Women with medical conditions or experiencing ectopic pregnancy, a surgical procedure is best option.
  • Breastfeeding mothers can opt for surgery whereas you will need to cease breastfeeding during a medical abortion.
  • It is an abortion procedure commonly used for instances where a medical abortion was incomplete.

Risks of Surgical Abortions

When it comes to surgical procedures, there are a multitude of risks that should not be overlooked. Unfortunately, these risks can be quite severe and even fatal in some cases. Some potential risks associated with abortion procedures include:-

  • hemorrhaging, infection,
  • Injury to the reproductive tract
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia.

Prices For a Desired Abortion Option!

The price of abortion depends on the duration of the pregnancy, abortion procedure to be done and the abortion clinic that will be assisting you with the process. 

In South Africa, abortions are offered free of charge in public hospitals as long as you’re less than 12 weeks. Private abortion providers may charge between R600 and R2,000. Surgical procedures cost slightly more R2000 to R8,000.

Unsafe abortion providers sell abortion pills from R300, with some giving students a 30% or 50% discount. Such abortion providers are illegal and use fake other provide expired medication and this has lead women to dangerous situations.

Always at all means avoid buying abortion medication from the street corners of your town!

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