List Of Affordable Safe Abortion Clinics Near Me

Key Points

  • Abortion clinics near me are medical facilities that can either be state owned or  private organisations.
  • Depending on where you reside you may have limited access to abortion services since not all hospitals offer termination services.


Section 12 of the Constitution guarantees that young girls and women have the right to make reproductive health decisions about their body and can receive free health services even without medical Aid. 

The State is responsible for providing reproductive health services, including family planning, contraception, abortions, sexual education, and counseling whenever you need it.

Why abortion is considered healthcare

Abortion is widely regarded as a fundamental aspect of reproductive healthcare for several reasons:

  • 1. Reproductive autonomy: Access to safe and legal abortion enables individuals to make decisions about their own bodies, health, and futures.
    2. Health and well-being: Abortion can be a necessary procedure to protect the health and well-being of the pregnant person, especially in cases where the pregnancy is risky or the fetus has severe abnormalities.
    3. Prevention of maternal mortality: Safe abortion care can prevent unnecessary deaths and injuries associated with unsafe, illegal abortions.
    4. Human rights: Access to safe and legal abortion is recognized as a human right by international agreements, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Beijing Platform for Action.

How to identify safe abortion clinics near me

To ensure the abortion clinic near you meets high safety and quality standards, there are several steps you can take.

  • Clinics Accreditation:-  First, verify that the pregnancy termination clinic near you clinic is properly licensed with your state’s health department or appropriate regulatory body.
  • Visit the clinic premises:- Having an online consultation or physical visitation can provide insight into the clinic’s approach to patient care and confidentiality, their communication style, and their willingness to answer questions about their services and procedures.
  • Ask questions:- This engagement can also reveal the range of support services the clinic offers, from financial assistance to post-procedure counseling, enhancing the overall safety and quality of the abortion care you receive.
  • Check its reviews:- It’s also beneficial to explore any patient reviews or testimonials about their experiences with the abortion clinic’s services and staff, which can be found through healthcare review sites or local forums.

Updated list of abortion clinics near you

In your quest to locate nearby legal abortion clinics this guide will assist you in finding clinics near you! You will need to start at your nearest local clinic for a referral letter to be presented at the hospital that will be assisting you with the abortion procedure. 

Public abortion clinics

  • Chris Hani Baragwana
  • Jubillie Hospital
  • Leratong Hospital
  • kopanong Hospital

Private abortion clinics

Private pregnancy termination clinics are healthcare facilities often operated by private organizations or individuals and clinics near you include:-

Private abortion centers may offer more advantages such as:-

1. Increased privacy and confidentiality
2. Shorter wait times
3. More personalized care
4. Extended hours or weekend appointments
5. Access to advanced medical technology


It is crucial to emphasize that seeking illegal or unregulated abortion services can have severe consequences for a woman’s well-being. These procedures are often performed in unsanitary conditions by untrained individuals, increasing the risks of complications such as:-

While the decision to have an abortion is a deeply personal one, it is crucial to prioritize safety and seek professional medical care from reliable sources. We have prepared the information above to assist women seeking abortion services in understanding the requirements and locating safe abortion services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most women considering an abortion can choose their preferred procedure, but several factors such as the stage of pregnancy, medical history will be considered. 

For instance, a medical abortion pill procedure can be carried out until 10 weeks, while surgical abortion is an option until 20 weeks, as long as there have been no previous operations like a cesarean section.

The cost of an abortion will depend on the pregnancy termination clinic near you. For instance, a medical abortion can cost around R800 to R1500, while a surgical abortion can cost approximately R2000 – R3000, provided there have been no previous operations like a cesarean section.

Furthermore, certain medical aid schemes or insurance policies may cover a portion of the expenses, depending on the specific plan and circumstances. It’s advisable to inquire about the detailed cost breakdown and available payment options during the initial consultation with the abortion provider.

It’s important to note that some nearest abortion clinic in your area may offer discounted rates or payment plans for those facing financial constraints.

During the abortion procedure, you will be in a private room with the medical staff. However, your partner or a trusted friend can accompany you to the facility and stay in the waiting area until the procedure is completed.

Most reputable abortion centers in Gauteng are designed to ensure your comfort and privacy, with separate waiting rooms for patients and their companions.

After the procedure, a recovery area is typically provided where you can rest and be monitored by the staff. Your companion will be allowed to join you during this time to offer emotional support and assist you as needed.

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