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Price Of Abortion Pills And How To Safely Access Them

What Are Abortion pills?

Abortion pills are 2 types of tablets used to end a pregnancy. Unfortunately the availability and price of abortion pills Mifepristone needed to block the female hormone progesterone and Misoprostol to expel the pregnancy is sometimes expensive that women can not afford them.

In today’s world, access to safe and affordable healthcare is a basic human right but the unstable prices of abortion medication and laws governing abortions are becoming a growing concern, this leads to an increase in unsafe abortion methods hence putting the lives of women at risk leaving them vulnerable to life threatening complications.

Estimated Price of Abortion Pills

In fact, the abortion pill cost ranges significantly. However, it’s worth noting that you will not be only needing 1 tablet and the price of abortion pills online definitely varies from one supplier to another. The same applies to medical abortion cost varies per clinic.

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Medical Abortion Cost Surgical Abortion Cost

Other Expenses You Might Have To Pay.

It is essential to consider all aspects before making a final decision because if you choose to be assisted at the clinic premises, you may have to pay more than just the termination pill cost. Factors that may contribute to additional abortion pill costs might include:-

  • Additional medicine in case it is an unsuccessful abortion.
  • Transport to go fetch the medication
  • Getting prescription medication like antibiotics
  • Follow-up appointment in case you’re experiencing any complications. 

So Why Are Termination Pills Expensive?

The price of abortion pills has gone up recently because of the fight over state laws that make it difficult and costly for doctors who offer abortion services. Many abortion centers have to spend a lot of money complying with these laws, which has made the cost of the pregnancy termination pill cost go up.

Women who need abortion tablets now have to spend more money. Healthcare providers are also finding it hard to provide the service because of the high cost and political issues they face particularly in South Africa, where the cost of abortion pills is exorbitant compared to other countries

Best Places to get Abortion Pills

There are indeed a few different locations throughout South Africa where you have the option to obtain abortion pills, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Some are specialized reproductive heath clinics, Non profit organisation and others are government own institutions.

Stores That Sell Termination pills

It is worth noting that the abortion pill cost from online stores or pharmacies also differs sightly. You will also be required to have a valid prescription from a certified medical practitioner in order to obtain abortion medication from the pharmacies below.

  • Clicks Pharmacy
  • Dischem Pharmacy

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Tele- Abortion


With new technological innovations being released and advancements in healthcare services women are able to access abortion medication online without physical visiting an abortion clinic closer to them. Thanks to Tele-abortion services.

Tele-abortion is a safe and secure online platform which involves speaking to a trained healthcare professional who will assess your specific needs and if you meet the requirements, abortion medication can be then delivered to you desired address.


When considering medication abortion as an option, it is important to keep in mind that the medical abortion price may vary between different clinics and depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy. This is because the process may require different medications or dosages that can affect the cost of the pills.

Additionally, it is important to check with your medical insurance provider to determine if they cover the costs associated with the procedure. It is important to do your research and choose a reputable clinic that will provide you with the necessary medical care and support throughout the process.



We get our information from reliable sources like medical groups and trustworthy scientific journals. This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek medical advice first!

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