Choices Womens Clinic Johannesburg

Womens Clinic Johannesburg is a certified abortion clinic doing same-day first and second trimester pregnancy termination procedures at very affordable prices that students can also afford.

Our mission is to provide all women in Johannesburg with same-day legal abortion procedures by either using medically approved abortion pills that have no side effects or perform surgical abortions for late term pregnancies.

Patient ready to get help at Choices Womens Clinic Johannesburg
Patient ready to get help at Choices Womens Clinic Johannesburg

A safe abortion is a procedure that must be performed by a qualified doctor or registered Nurse. So if it’s not done by any of them, Then its not Safe!

We are a reliable pregnancy termination clinic in Johannesburg, and legal women’s clinic near you, and well known for providing quick pain-free confidential abortion procedures. Walk-ins also are allowed.

Happy Client With Nurse
Happy Client With Nurse

About Us

Our women's wellness clinic Johannesburg

We offer first trimester medical abortion procedures that do not require any kind of surgery nor anesthesia in a private and confidential environment.

Counselling and pregnancy testing is also offered to all patients Free of charge by a qualified nurse who is passionate about what she does in a non-judgmental

Medical Abortion Pill Procedure

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A medical abortion is a quick safe abortion procedure that requires you to use two different types of medications in order to end a pregnancy.

This safe abortion method is very common and effective in removing early pregnancies and has no major impact on your fertility neither does it reduce your chances having kids in the future.

How does A Medical Abortion With Pills Work?

Whatever your reason is to terminate the pregnancy, our womens clinic will listen attentively and advise you accordingly.

With a medical abortion you only need 2 types of medically approved abortion pills to have a successful termination of pregnancy.  

The first tablet is meant to stop the pregnancy from growing. This pill stops progesterone the hormone responsible for supporting the fetus. 

After 12- 24 hours later, You will swallow the second dose of abortion pills / tablets. These will soften the cervix and helps the uterus push out the pregnancy hence causing a miscarriage

After the abortion is complete you will take the womb cleaning pills to cleanse the womb and also prevent infections.

Simply order the abortion pill, or just walk in to our abortion clinic in Johannesburg at the appointed time and get prioritized treatments at no extra cost

Clients We Have Assisted

  • 5 star review  I had a safe abortion a month ago..i have no complications whatsoever and its all thanks to Dr James

    thumb Florence Mzenda
    February 2, 2022

    5 star review  All went well from the first day l took the pill. They kept on checking on me on how l was doing.

    thumb susan mlalazi
    November 9, 2021

    5 star review  The medical staff at the women's clinic are so professional that all services are confidential. The environment is safe and well equipped with all that's needed to assist women in... read more

    thumb m mavis
    February 9, 2020

    5 star review  The dr was friendly n very professional in his work. He was able to assist me through the procedure from start to finish. Good enough males are not allowed... read more

    thumb sibongile milanzi
    February 9, 2020
  • 5 star review  I was scared to about the whole termination process but fortunately the doctor took me through all the steps and we were always communicating on WhatsApp when I encountered confusing... read more

    thumb Mpho Mashiane
    February 9, 2020

    5 star review  The clinic is super great, like really great if ever you would refer someone, i wouldn't mind at all because they have a great care for their patients

    thumb imn skhosana
    February 9, 2020

    4 star review  Friendly experience , the Dr. and his staff are very friendly and professional my Friends partner loved the atmosphere it’s was very welcoming. I would recommend them to extend there... read more

    thumb Craig Wambusii
    February 9, 2019

FAQ About Womens Clinic Johannesburg

What does a Women's Wellness Clinic do ?

Women's wellness clinic johannesburg focuses on same-day abortions or legal termination, providing women with birth control options, diagnosing of numerous diseases sexually transmitted infections, ovarian cancer and now most of them offer legal abortions .

How much is Consultation fee at a Women’s Health Clinic ?

Consultation varies per clinic but mostly ranges between R250 – R350 depending what area you’re located. At choices Women’s Health Clinic Johannesburg, Our Consultation is very much affordable R150 .

How much does an abortion cost in Johannesburg Abortion Clinics ?

The price differs per clinic. But we at choices women’s health clinic, we have student discounts. We are a pro-choice clinic so we want to empower women to know their rights n learn more about their bodies. Hence unwanted pregnancy shouldn’t hinder with your studies .

How Safe is Abortion ?

Induced abortion are generally very safe and will not hinder your chances of getting children in the future if the procedure is done by a certified doctor. Most women who had a safe abortion years ago due to various reasons are now healed not suffering from any long term effect .

Can I order Abortion Pills online ?

Medication Abortion has increased over the years and most now prefer having the procedure done in the comfort of their own especially in the early weeks of pregnancy. Choices Womens clinic Johannesburg now offers a tele-medical or delivery of abortion pills by post service .

Why Must You Choose Choices Women's Clinic?

Finding a certified womens clinic near me can be challenging but no matter what your reasons for seeking an abortion may be, please know that there are still many things you can do to support yourself and improve your situation. Abortion can still be done up to 24 weeks. So you still have a right to end the pregnancy but do not wait until that far because it might cause complications. so the earlier you decide on what you need the better chances you have. 

Many women have gone through the same situation, they contacted our womens clinic in johannesburg when they had no one to talk to but and we listened. You are not alone we can also help you today. Just call us now on +27 73 146 7822

We shall give the right advice, offer you Post-abortion counselling. Free of charge. Therefore No Pressure, No Judging. 

Why Choose Us

Surgical Abortions

Doctor Ready To Perform A Surgical Abortion Procedure
Doctor Ready To Perform A Surgical Abortion Procedure

In-Clinic Abortions

Choices Womens Clinic also offers in-clinic Abortion AKA Surgical Abortion especially for late term pregnancies. 

Certified Abortion clinics in joburg also offer Surgical procedures are also available for second trimester abortion. 

  • Dilation and Evacuation – which involves using a suction to remove the fetus.
  • Vacuum Aspiration :-

The procedure is done in the doctor’s office under sedation with local anesthesia and oral pain-relieving medications

Simply reserve a time slot, walk in at the appointed time and get prioritized treatments or choice on termination of pregnancy at no extra cost.


+27 73 146 7822

89 Market Street, Johannesburg, South-Africa

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