The Important Reasons For Abortion


Abortion is a sensitive and complex topic and while it’s true that it has been a subject of public discussion for quite some time. It is important to remember that when it comes to reasons for abortion that most women give, the answers are not straightforward.

Apart from crisis pregnancies where individual’s or couples unexpectedly become pregnant and face difficult circumstances or challenges that may influence their decision-making process regarding the pregnancy. There are 4 most important reasons for abortion amongst women and these include:- Wrong timing, Relationship issues, medically related or being overwhelmed.

Start By Evaluating Your Reasons for Considering Abortion

All the reasons provided by the women seeking abortion in early pregnancies are valid but having the right information, support from friends and family or medical advice from a professional can assist them evaluate their reasons for considering an abortion procedure after undergoing an honest self introspection.

It’s also important to consider your values and beliefs. How do they align with the idea of terminating a pregnancy? Take the time to explore your own thoughts and feelings, as well as any religious or cultural influences that may impact your decision. Remember, this is a deeply personal decision, and there is no right or wrong answer.

4 Main Reasons For Abortion in Early Pregnancies


1- Wrong timing

The major reasons for abortion given by most women we have assisted is wrong timing. Uncertainty about the future plays an important role. Its either the woman is still young, lack of maturity or they are trying to build a carrier and focus on their job and ambitious. 

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2- Overwhelmed

Often times, women express that they were already struggling to keep up with the demands of their daily lives prior to becoming pregnant, which can add an additional layer of stress and feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, many may feel a sense of fear or apprehension about the prospect of raising a child, or that they may not have the necessary resources or support to do so effectively.

3 - Relationship issues

Most women realise they are in a complicated relationship immediately they find out they are unexpectedly pregnant. The relationship may still be in its infancy stages “Honey moon phrase”, already ended, or maybe the father of the child is not the real partner due to a result of a one-night stand or friendship with benefits. So with such a state, many weird questions always arise.

4 - Health related issues

When a woman becomes pregnant, various health scenarios can arise that could compromise both her physical and mental well-being. In cases where continued pregnancy carry immense risks to the mother’s life, such as life-threatening maternal health, terminating the pregnancy may become necessary to preserve the mother’s health.

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5 - They're victims of rape or incest

Another common reason that a woman may choose to have an abortion is in cases of rape or incest, where the trauma of the experience can have a lasting impact on the woman’s mental health. In these instances, seeking abortion services can enable a woman to move forward with her life more quickly and with less emotional pain.

6 - Failed Contraception

Contraception is an important part of family planning, but unfortunately, it’s not always fool-proof. Many women find that the method of contraception they are using ends up failing them in the end, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy. One common reason for this is that women often become too busy to properly follow their contraceptive routine, or may be inadvertently using their contraception incorrectly, which can also lead to unwanted pregnancy.

What Are Your Reasons For Abortion?

No matter what you’re going through, It is important to seek advice or consult with a professional to assist you make an informed decision about the pregnancy. 

While it may be tempting to turn to unregulated abortion providers or unsafe methods of abortions, due to various reasons like lack of funds, or lack of access to abortion services, do not do so because such actions can pose significant risks to your health, and in some cases, even result in death.

Private abortion clinics like Carlton abortion clinic Johannesburg offer affordable abortion services and students are also assisted without judging them. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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