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Affordable Abortion Clinic In Johannesburg

If you are currently facing an unplanned pregnancy and are seeking a solution, Abortion clinic in Johannesburg, is here to provide you with the safe and affordable abortion services you are looking for right now.

What we do!

We understand that this may be a difficult and emotional decision, but our team of experienced and caring professionals will guide you through each step of the abortion process and help you make an informed decision.

Counselling is provided to patients who need it most, pregnancy testing will also be done to confirm the weeks of pregnancy before taking an medication. 

Available abortion procedures!

There are 2 methods of termination and the abortion procedure you choose will depend on your gestation period, affordability and personal preferences. 

Abortion Pills


The abortion pill procedure, also known as medication abortion, is among the most popular abortion methods for terminating early pregnancies among women.

 It requires no surgical intervention, affordable, accessible to most women, and known to have a low risk of complications, making it a safe option for women seeking to terminate early pregnancies.

Surgical Abortion


Surgical abortion, which involves a minor surgical procedure is an alternative we offer for women who may have unsuitable medical conditions that don’t allow them to use medication.  

Additionally, surgical abortions can be more effective than medical abortions at later stages of pregnancy, when medical abortion may no longer be an option.

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Abortion After-care

Ensuring that proper care and precautions are taken after an abortion, Abortion clinic in Johannesburg understands the importance of follow-up appointments. We always advise all patients to keep in touch with the clinic after any procedure.

During your scheduled follow-up appointment, our healthcare professionals prioritize assessing your physical well-being to ensure a complication-free healing process and guide patients on the best contraception methods on the market and how to avoid unwanted pregnancies in the future. 

Let Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg Help You

Unfortunately, there are many anti-abortion fake clinics also known as pregnancy crisis centers portraying themselves as abortion centers but in reality they do not offer the full range of reproductive health services that legitimate women’s clinics provide.

If you or someone you know is in need of reproductive health services, we urge you to find an legal abortion near you or and contact the center about pricing’s and working hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Abortion is safe provided its performed by a a qualified abortion doctor with the recommended abortion procedure. Women seeking abortion services in Johannesburg need to be very cautious. Avoid unsafe abortion methods like buying medication on the street corners or falling victims of advertisements that claim to Free Abortion Pills. 

Recovering from abortion varies per woman but most women are able to resume normal activities within a weeks time. Get enough rest, drink plenty of fluids and practicing proper hygiene are essential in determining  proper care during recovery hence healing fast without any complications. 

Women must exercise caution when considering any abortion offers or services that seem too good to be true or contacting unregulated abortion providers. Conduct your own research about abortion clinics that you want to visit before booking an appointment. 

Additionally, Student in Braamfontein you can find a legal abortion clinic near you or contact them for the address.

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