How To Safely Access Abortion Near You


What is Abortion?

Abortion also known termination of pregnancy is a medical procedure, which is typically performed by a licensed healthcare provider to end the growth and development of a fetus so that it does not result in the birth of a child.

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Reasons For Abortion

There are a variety of reasons why women choose abortion. Despite its controversial and divisive nature, abortion still remains a widely recognized aspect of reproductive healthcare and an essential consideration for individuals seeking to make informed decisions about their bodies and their futures.

According to statistics contacted by Carlton women’s abortion clinic a private sexual and reproductive health clinic in Johannesburg South Africa, it found out that women’s reasons for terminating pregnancies fell into 11 broad themes but the most common included Wrong timing 40%, Financial issues 33% and relationship related issues 27%

Making a decision

Some women who have had abortions tend to suffer from long-lasting emotional and mental trauma that can have a significant impact on their lives. One reason for this is that they often do not receive the necessary counseling and support to make informed decisions before ending the pregnancy. As a result, they may feel conflicted, confused, and overwhelmed, causing long-term distress and regret.

The decision to have an abortion is a deep and personal conclusion and though each woman’s circumstance is unique, it is also important for them to have accurate and precise information and about the pros and cons of abortion before they decide to terminate the pregnancy. This lack of support can make it difficult for women to move beyond their experience and find peace.


The advancements in the field of medicine have been truly remarkable, especially when it comes to women’s healthcare. The availability of tele-abortion services has made life much easier for women who are seeking medication to terminate a pregnancy. Instead of having to visit a clinic or hospital for the procedure, they can now opt for the comfort of their own homes and receive the same safe and secure abortion services remotely.

This is an incredible development that has revolutionized the way women access reproductive healthcare and ensures greater privacy, safety, and convenience for those in need. So whether due to personal preferences or geographic location, the tele-medicine option is a game-changer that provides vital support and care when it is most needed.

Types of Abortion

Medical Abortion

abortion pill

A pregnancy in the first trimester can safely be terminated at an abortion clinic or in your own privacy at home without any surgery by using medically approved abortion tablets. 

This medical abortion procedure involves taking medication to induce the pregnancy. It can be done immediately you test positive for pregnancy and available till the first trimester of the pregnancy and may also be referred to as an induced abortio

Surgical Abortion


Pregnancies over 13 weeks or a pregnancy that posses a danger to the woman’s health, for example an ectopic pregnancy, are not recommended to be terminated using abortion pills.

Therefore with the help of a local anesthetic.and oral pain medication, an in-clinic abortion also known as surgical abortion procedure will be suitable.

Abortion Risks


Abortion Costs

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FIND AN ABORTION CLINIC NEAR YOU  – You Will be able to find abortion centers, hospitals, and other related health services. 

Abortion Preparation


On arrival you always welcomed by friendly staff who are passionate about what they do and truly understand why you there. A pregnancy test or ultrasound will be done to confirm the pregnancy. Post abortion counselling is provided free of charge to ensure that all questions you have are answered and are sure about the decision you have made. If your satisfied with all info provided by the counsellor, you will make payment, proceed to the doctor’s room for the safe abortion procedure.

Your safe abortion  appointment at the women’s clinic should approximately last not more than two hours incase your performing a surgical abortion procedure and you might need to arrange for someone to take you home just for safety reasons cos you might be still experiencing downiness from the sedation medication used during the whole termination procedure.

Patient rights to have an abortion

Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights

By law in South Africa your sexual and reproductive rights allow to have an abortion procedure done without any questions asked as long as you are 18 years old and less than 13 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors, nurses and health workers are not allowed to turn you away incase you show up at any public clinic offering abortion services. 

In the event that the facility does not offer termination of pregnancy services, they are supposed to refer to you a near by abortion clinic and they are not allowed to share any information about you without your consent, unless they believe you or someone else is in serious danger. Your personal rights as a patient allow you to ask any abortion related questions.  

Available Abortion options for terminating a pregnancy
What Are the Types of Abortion Procedures?



The most commonly used or available abortion options for terminating unwanted pregnancies are medical abortions or performing a minor surgery also know as a surgical abortions. 

Managing pain after an abortion procedure

Managing pain after a safe abortion procedure is relatively  

Caring for yourself after an abortion procedure


Although the termination procedure itself is relatively short, there is no right or wrong way to feel after an the procedure. A woman may feel tired and exhausted like she was hit by the train.

Some women feel relieved, while others may feel sad. That is very normal since the pregnancy hormones will still be active in your body. There is also a high possibility that you could even experience multiple mixed emotions at the same time.

It’s also important to care for yourself well after an abortion because it can take several days or weeks to recover emotionally and physically. You may need close friends and family around for support during this time or join abortion support groups to share your own experience. 

Follow appointment up after having an abortion

Managing emotions after an abortion

It is important to acknowledge that terminating a pregnancy can be a complex and emotion-filled decision that can bring about mixed emotions and reactions. For some, it may be a relief to have made the choice that feels right for them and resolved a difficult situation. On the other hand, some women may experience symptoms of depression or negative emotions after terminating a pregnancy.

The feelings experienced are valid and should not be ignored or overlooked. It is important for women who have terminated a pregnancy or experciend a miscarriage to receive the support and care they need in order to process and cope with the emotions and aftermath that follow. Seeking professional help or connecting with a support groups can help individuals navigate their emotions.

How To avoid falling pregnant immediately After Abortion

Women need to understand that immediately after any abortion procedure, ovulation can occur immediately within weeks or before your next period returns. Therefore to avoid pregnancy immediately after an abortion, we recommend you to start birth control if you’re planning to have sex that could lead to pregnancy.

Contraception has been proven to be the must effective way t avoid any unplanned short comings like unplanned pregnancy. You can discuss with your healthcare professional about which family planning method that would suit your lifestyle. 


Educating yourself on all of the available abortion options so that you can make the best abortion decision for yourself and the future ahead of you. Carlton abortion clinic Johannesburg offers helpful information about abortions, support and guidance and the medial staff firmly believe and agree with the Choice of Termination of Pregnancy Act that states:- 

Women and girls have the right to stay informed and to have access to safe and affordable pregnancy termination methods of their choice and acceptable fertility options which include contraception, as well as sexuality education and counselling programs. CAUTION:-  Avoid at all means contacting illegal abortion providers or buying abortion pills on the streets because these unsafe abortion procedures will damage your womb, cause long last complications or even death.

Cost of abortion

It has been more than twenty years since the legality of abortion pills has been established in the country with an aim of making the process more accessible and affordable to women seeking to terminate an unplanned pregnancy.

Despite this landmark achievement, the process of getting an abortion done can still prove to be quite costly, especially for those who don’t have medical Aid / insurance or financial resources to cover for abortio

Abortion Support Groups

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When people are seeking abortion care, they need accurate healthcare information and compassion, not ideology.  

When searching for abortion-related information and centres online, keep in mind that Google has recently introduced ad disclosures, which appear at the top of promoted Google search results, where ads will either state “Provides abortions” or “Does not provide abortions”. Keeping an eye out for this will help you know whether a clinic is legitimate or not.  

And pregnancy counselling is available via regulated abortion providers like MSI Reproductive Choices (find MSI UK services and global MSI services). MSI is committed to supporting our clients with whatever choices are right for them. 

For more information on Crisis Pregnancy Centres in the UK and where to find impartial advice, visit the MSI UK blog.

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Detailed information gathered by the World Health Organization about Abortion.

World Health Organization Abortion Care Guideline 

Facts:- Consolidated guidelines for …….. and management of incomplete abortions

– Consolidated Guidelines for Clinical Care, Service Delivery, and Law and Policy,

Key Facts:-

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Abortion is a procedure that ends a pregnancy so that it does not result in the birth of a child. Abortion in South Africa is allowed and can be done for free at government hospitals up to 12 weeks into the pregnancy. After 12 weeks of pregnancy a woman can be allowed to terminate the pregnancy is her physically or mental health is at stake.

Women have the right to choose abortion, but it should not be the first choice for controlling fertility.

As a woman, it is important to monitor uncommon signs and symptoms happening to your body especially if you are sexually active. A missed period does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant but chances are high. Seeking advice from a medical professional can help understand why your periods are late and in case you’re pregnant, they will advise and assist you make an informed decision which might be parenting, giving up the baby for adoption or having an abortion.


Understanding Legal Restrictions and Regulations Around Abortion Places


While abortion is legal in South Africa, each abortion clinic or hospitals offering abortion serviceshave enacted their own regulations regarding access, waiting periods, counseling requirements, and restrictions on late-term abortions.

Waiting periods: Many states require a mandatory waiting period between an initial consultation and the actual procedure. This waiting period can range from 24 hours to several days.Mandatory counseling: Some states require individuals seeking an abortion to receive counseling before proceeding with the procedure. This counseling may include information about alternatives to abortion or potential risks associated with the procedure.Restrictions on late-term abortions: Late-term abortions refer to procedures performed after a certain gestational age, usually around 20 weeks or later. Several states have implemented restrictions on these types of abortions, such as requiring a second physician’s opinion or limiting them only for specific circumstances like when the mother’s life is at risk

Alternatives to a medical abortions

There are several alternatives to a medical abortion, such as placing the baby with an adoptive family, becoming a single parent, coparenting with the baby’s father, temporary guardianship, and placing the baby with a relative. Many women may be unaware that these other options even exist. It is important to consider the challenges of abortion before making a decision, such as the medical abortion cost, side effects of the early abortion pill  process or medicine to terminate pregnancy, and the potential complications associated with an early termination of pregnancy via a non-surgical abortion procedu

Myths about abortion / Missconceptions



there  are several pros and cons of abortion that every woman must know

Abortion affects your fertility. False. Whether or not you’ve had an abortion has no impact on your ability to get pregnant in the future. It also does not increase your risk for complications during any future pregnancies.

  1. Abortion Causes long lasting Trauma. False. Many people experience intense emotions before or after having an abortion. But there’s no evidence to suggest these effects are long lasting or go on to affect your overall well-being. Post-abortion syndrome also isn’t a medically recognized condition.
  2. Abortion is reversable. False. In certain states, clinicians are required to tell you that medication abortions can be stopped halfway through if you don’t take all the prescribed pills or instead take a high dose of progesterone.
  3. Abortion increases your risk for breast cancer: FalseSome states require that providers tell abortion seekers that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, but it

Tele- Abortion


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Where to go a safe abortion procedure

It is crucial to highlight that women who find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy situation should never feel alone or unsupported. Fortunately, designated abortion clinics exist to provide a wide range of reproductive health services which include counselling, family planning and other gynecological problems.  

It is important to seek care from a reputable abortion clinics near you to ensure that all necessary precautions and safety measures are taken throughout the process. Overall, women should never hesitate to reach out to designated abortion clinics for trustworthy, compassionate, and confidential medical care.

Possible Risks Associated With Abortion

Medical and surgical procedures administered by qualified doctors are considered safe, effective and carry less risk to a women’s reproductive health compared to unsafe abortion procedures. However there are slight possible risks associated with abortions but reportedly as low as 0.7% according to the data collected from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Women who are unable to access safe abortion services in countries where the procedure is illegal often resort to dangerous unsafe methods that can pose a severe threat to their overall health. It is essential to promote access to safe and legal abortion services worldwide to ensure the reproductive health and well-being of women.

Recovering From An Abortion

The experience of recovering from an abortion is often unique to each woman. While some may feel a sense of relief, others may struggle with feelings of sadness or even guilt.

It’s important to understand that there is no right or wrong way to feel following the procedure – the continued presence of “Human chorionic gonadotropin”  hcg levels in your body may lead to mixed emotions so its important to be kind and listen to your emotions.

Also remember that caring of yourself during recovery is crucial, as emotional and physical recovery might take a while. Practice proper hygiene and take all your medications as prescribed.

You may find it helpful to lean on close friends and family if you feel your emotions are overwhelming. Remember, everyone’s experience during this recovery period is different and must be respected.

Scheduling A Follow-up Appointment

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Still undecided?

Abortion is not a desired fertility control option but a woman’s right 

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